Fiscal Impact Analysis Goes to Imperial Board of Supervisors

posted by: Stan Weiler| date: October 5, 2012

As a part of the expansion to the Salton City Solid Waste Site, HWA was selected by ICF International to prepare the Fiscal Impact Analysis (FIA). The existing landfill is located just west of Salton City in Imperial County. The proposed expansion will increase the existing landfill to encompass a majority of the 320 acre property. The landfill currently accepts up to 50 tons per day with the expansion to allow for up to 6,000 tons of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) per day by the year 2022. Most of the MSW will be coming from outside the County of Imperial.

The FIA identified the fiscal impacts that the expansion project would create on Imperial County’s services and facilities. According to the results of the FIA, there will be a net surplus of revenue over expenditures of approximately $1,984,554 the first year of operation. By the year 2022 at full capacity operation of 6,000 tons per day of MSW, the net surplus is expected to be $6,336,633 per year. The surplus is due primarily to the Host Fee that will be charged per ton of MSW that is disposed at the site. The Host Fee funds will be provided to the county of Imperial and deposited into the General Fund.

HWA was selected by ICF International based on their continued work in Imperial County and the solid waste industry.