HWA obtains approval of CUP Amendment for the Palomar Transfer Station

posted by: Stan Weiler| date: October 4, 2012

On October 3, 2012 the Carlsbad Planning Commission unanimously approved the Conditional Use Permit Amendment of the Palomar Transfer Station – CUP 260(D). The CUP Amendment allows for a 10 time extension, the addition of an exclusive green waste and C&D loading bay, as well as the ability to accept home generated sharps and universal waste. HWA served as the processing consultant as a part of their long contining working relationship with Republic Services Inc.

The unanimous approval by Planning Commission was the result of HWA’s acute understanding of the transfer station needs and operations and how that integrates with the city codes and regulations. The continued success of the transfer station is also due to the integrity and business practices of the site’s lease holder – Republic Services, Inc.

With the coordinated efforts of HWA and Republic Services, the Palomar Transfer Station received the unanimous approval from the Planning Commission among the accolades that the transfer station was “well designed”, will be a “benefit to the city”, and more than one Commissioner stated that were very happy to see the addition of 24” box trees along Faraday Avenue to help with potential view impacts.

HWA believes that due to the efforts of the employees at the transfer station keeping a clean, well run operation and the team’s extensive efforts during the processing of the CUP Amendment to provide accurate information to the City, to address the City’s concerns, and to ensure that the project itself stayed on point, the results were very clear that the proposed project was well received.

The next step is the City Council hearing that will be schedule within the next 4 – 6 weeks.